Scandinavian Heritage Society of Edmonton

Scandinavian Heritage Society of Edmonton was incorporated in 1984 to promote the Scandinavian culture and coordinate and present the Scandinavian community's pavilion at the Servus Heritage Festival. 


CLICK HERE to view our 2023 location at Borden Park. We were #48 in the lower right corner.

Edmonton Heritage Festival:

Our Virtual Pavilion, which was submitted to the Edmonton Heritage Festival, can be viewed here.

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Video showcasing our SHSE volunteers from our Scandinavian societies: 

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A heartfelt 'thank you' to all our wonderful Volunteers. 

The principal aims of the Society are to:

  • promote education and research into the Scandinavian culture and languages
  • publicize the efforts and accomplishments of the Scandinavian immigrants to Canada

The five Scandinavian countries are represented in the Society by local groups: Dania (Denmark), Finnish Society (Finland), Icelandic Canadian Club (Iceland), Solglyt Lodge #143 (Norway) and Skandia Lodge #549 (Sweden). 

The well-organized Scandinavian pavilion at the Heritage Days Festival evidences the vitality of the Scandinavian culture in Alberta.  The long hours of planning and work done by many volunteers ensure the efficient operation of the pavilion and have resulted in the achievement of several awards for excellence of pavilion management.  Although each cultural group retains its own cultural identity during the festival, the combined efforts of all five groups provide continuity of purpose.