Finnish heraldry dates to the 16th century. Battle flags were displayed on equal basis with the Swedish armed forces during this period.  When Finland became a grant duchy under Russia, it was allowed the privilege of flying its own flag, similar to the present day flag of a blue cross on a white background. The present standard was adopted in 1918 after Finland's independence from Russia. The blue signifies the sky and lakes of Finland and the white, a blanket of snow.  

The Finnish Society of Edmonton



The Finnish Society of Edmonton was established in 1953 to provide cultural, recreational, and sporting opportunities for its members and the community, and to preserve Finnish customs and language. In 1985, a portion of land at Fork Lake was leased for recreational purposes. Later, the clubhouse and sauna were erected on the property and today many activities take place there. Over the years the Finns have played an active role in the Scandinavian community in Edmonton and Alberta. Today the Society offers several programs coordinated by enthusiastic volunteers. The programs involve various cultural activities, bringing performers of Finnish origin to Edmonton and organizing Finnish movie events.

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