Sons of Norway, Solglyt Lodge 4-143:


The Norwegian flag, first approved for use by merchant ships in 1821, became the national flag in 1898.  The red field bears a blue cross super-imposed on a broader white cross. The cross reflects Christian tradition, which began in Norway about the time the Viking period ended.   Norway was united with Denmark for more than 400 years under the Danish flag, then transferred to Sweden at the end of the Napoleonic wars.  Norwegians had several grievances, one of which was that they had no flag.   In 1821, they decided to have their own flag.

Sons of Norway Solglyt Lodge #4-143

The Edmonton Sons of Norway lodge, Solglyt Lodge (formerly Nordpolen) 4-143 was organized in 1913, is a fraternal organization of men, women, and children of Norwegian birth, descent, or affiliation. Its aim is to preserve, maintain, and promote interest in all that is good and noble in the Norwegian national heritage. It is international in scope with lodges in Canada, United States and Norway.  Solglyt Lodge #4-143 in Edmonton has approximately 200 members..

Regular monthly meetings incorporate cultural presentations and a social time for members.  Some of the lodge’s main events include: January lutefisk supper, May 17th Norwegian flag raising and banquet, June barbeque, and a Family Christmas Party with singing around the Christmas tree. Solglyt sponsors workshops in Edmonton for rosemaling, hardanger and ethnic cooking. Members of the lodge also take part in the week-long Trollhaugen Language and Cultural Camp in August, featuring Norwegian language instruction, ethnic cooking, woodcarving, crafts and folk dancing.

Previously, an annual Sports Weekend was held during midwinter that involved lodges from Alberta and Saskatchewan - an occasion for interlodge competition. The Weekend dates and activities are determined by the host Lodge. Visit the Sons of Norway District IV website for more information.

Within Solglyt there are a number of clubs or groups in which members and others can participate.  There is a Norwegian Conversation Club, a Stamp Club and a Husflid (crafts) group.

Solglyt Lodge is an active participant in the annual Edmonton Scandinavian Centre Association's annual Christmas Market as well as having Memberships available at the Dutch Canadian Centre's spring market.  Many Sons of Norway members are also members of a men’s club, Torskeklubben, which meets monthly for a cod fish and aquavit dinner, with topical guest speakers featured. 

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